Angels in my garden

My Italian garden may not be in the best of taste. That is to say, statues are no longer considered “fashionable” by the gardening magazines. But who cares?

I envisaged that this angel would look amazing in my first ever circular garden. Apricot roses, mauve sage and white cosmos with a santolina trailing over the brick edge was the plan.

However the roses were never happy, but the salvia thrived and glows in the afternoon light. A strewn packet of mixed cosmos seed soon saw these flowers floating above. This huge garden “room” has an easy to maintain hedge of viburnum tinus and an inside boundary planted with twenty tall, disease-free Apricot Nectar roses.

They prefer a lot of space. An avenue of cumquats trees finish the story. They are perhaps the toughest citrus trees ever.

angel garden prints
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