Queensland Artist - Diane Elsden 

Diane is an Australian artist whose love affair with art began almost as soon as she could hold a paintbrush in her hand. Today she is one of Australia’s most loved artists, a winner of countless awards, solo exhibitions and regularly features in news and magazine articles.

Diane has honed her craft under the tutelage of some of Australia’s best artists and has since gone on to teach other budding artists.

Diane’s signature is style uses vivid colours and bold strokes to paint the world around her. Colourful semi-abstract florals on canvas or spontaneous “wet-on-wet” watercolour have become a synonymous signature of her art. In contrast large landscape paintings are epic explorations for the imagination.

Today Diane is busy in her studio and showroom in Queensland where an oil or acrylic on canvas piece can take up to a year to complete – nothing leaves the studio until it is perfected. Diane uses only the best quality materials, often making her own canvases to ensure their longevity. She uses a combination of European imported and Australian artist quality paints to ensure the highest finish.

Diane creates only a limited amount of pieces each year, it is a rare opportunity to own a unique, rare and wholly original artwork that becomes the masterpiece of your home.

Diane also accepts a number a commissions a year, please contact us if you have a vision you want to make a reality so we can discuss this in more detail.


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