What if my order arrived damaged?
Don’t worry; we’re just as upset as you are! If your order arrives damaged, let us know straight away and we will arrange to have the item shipped back to us with a full refund to you.

Do you accept returns?
If your item is damaged we offer free returns within 7 days of delivery.  We will fix the damage if possible and then resend it to you. If the damage cannot be fixed, we will offer a full refund.

Make sure you let us know straight away. Email sales@dianeelsden.com.au to arrange the return.

What if I don’t like the painting when I receive it?
Buying a piece of artwork is a very personal matter.  It is important to us that any artwork that you buy is something you will enjoy.  Though we take every step to ensure our artwork images have the exact likeness to the paintings, we understand it is not always the case and images are not the same as viewing the artwork in person.

Our guarantee is that we will fully refund the cost of the artwork if you decide not to keep it within 7 days of receiving it.  Please return it to us within the 7 day period and upon receipt of the artwork we will issue you the refund. It will be necessary for you to pay the return freight only.

We expect the artwork to be returned in its original condition before refunding the purchase price. It is advisable to insure the artwork to its purchase amount as it remains the property of the buyer until received safely by Diane Elsden Art.

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