Diane Elsden’s love affair with colour began as a young girl stuck in a hospital room. Her father brought her a canvas and paint to help her while away the hours and, just like that, her lifelong passion for creating art began.


Fast forward over fifty years and Diane’s artistic career has exploded, with artworks sold across the globe and multiple exhibitions a year making her a household name.

Diane’s art now enjoys a new home, online, making her work and prints more accessible than ever. with the launch of Tosari Galleries being the largest custom-built commercial art gallery in South East Queensland.

Diane is passionate about sharing beautiful, original art with the world and helping you find (or create!) your perfect masterpiece for your home.

Welcome to a place for art and art lovers. A place of colour and light.

So pour yourself a glass of champagne and make yourself at home – welcome to DianeElsden.com.au!


Diane Elsden with Monet's Garden